My approach to teaching is pretty simple; I create a fun environment for you to learn how to improve your game. When it comes to improving your game, there are four areas that every golfer needs to address if they are going to play better golf:

Critical ball flight mistake: every golfer has a critical ball flight mistake, you either favor hook or slice. Most penalty shots occur off the tee so the key is to know what causes your mistake and what you need to correct it.
Critical Ball Flight fixes

Three putts: there are two elements to putting, direction and speed control. Speed control is the most important as it determines how much a putt will break and how far it will roll. Controlling your distance will start cutting down on your 3 putts.

Critical Ball Flight fixes

Short game: the key to a better short game is to avoid taking two chips to get the ball onto the green. Proper technique, club selection and getting more of the easy up and ins is a great remedy to lower scores.

Short Game

Course management: requires the ability to analyze a hole and what strategy gives you the best chance to make a par and avoid penalty shots. Knowing which side of the tee box to tee off on, what shot does the lie dictate and uneven lies are all skills you will need to play better golf

Critical Ball Flight fixes