Winter is no excuse
Posted: 12/09/15
For those of you not able to get away this winter to work on your game, don't use the ice and snow as an excuse to keep from improving. Here are a few ideas that will have your game in top form come next spring. First, you need to analyze this past years scores and identify where you are losing shots. For the majority of golfers, penalty shots are the main culprit followed by three putts and poor chipping. All three areas can be addressed in the off season. To correct your penalty shots, meet with a professional who will identify the cause of your miss and then go to a dome twice a month to work on the adjustments. When you can't go to the dome, take practice swings to in grain the proper motion. In regards to improving your putting, there are a number of indoor putting mats you can purchase or smooth carpet at home. Be sure and focus on the rhythm and pace of your stroke, finally, invest in a small hitting mat and net that you can setup in your basement or garage to work on your pitch motion. Second, take care of yourself. The winter is a fine time to hit the gym and work on your flexibility, strength and cardio, all are vital to maintain a consistent swing and keep you mentally focused for the entire round. Finally, many golf courses and facilities have leagues using a simulator. This is a great opportunity to keep your swing in shape and have fun with your friends.
Ball Position
Posted: 11/17/15
One of the more common struggles I see golfers make is the ball is positioned incorrectly in their stance. Here is a simple guide line to eliminate that problem. When hitting an iron, position the ball off the buttons on your shirt with your hands set slightly towards the target. This will create a more descending blow and allow the arms and hands to lead thru the shot. With a wood, position the ball off your left arm pit or off the logo on your shirt with your hands slightly behind the ball. This will create a sweeping motion which is needed to launch the ball in the air.