How Bubba Watson Hits It Bubba Long
The following article by Peter Krause was featured on, April 28, 2014
1. His club doesn’t touch the ground at address, which means he doesn’t have to hang on too tight. Tension is a distance-killer. Bubba is loose.

2. Bubba is old-school in that his front foot comes off the ground, which allows him to make an even bigger hip turn. He has one of the biggest hip turns on Tour.

3. In his downswing, he fires his hips and creates a whipping action with his hands and wrists, building energy in the shaft. His height (6' 3") helps add speed.

4. His timing is phenomenal. The shaft releases and the club is perfectly square at impact. Make no mistake: He’s trying to hit it hard.

5. He gets to a full finish, with hands high and his weight on his front side. He curves the ball by either holding the face open (cut) or turning it over (draw).