Pitch it High or Low
Use your wrists to hit the right shot for the situation at hand

The Situation
Your approach landed short of the green and too far away to chip the ball on. There's no room for errors in accuracy or distance control on these tricky half-wedges.

The Solution
Cut your troubles in half by changing the height of your shot to match your lie. Creating the correct trajectory takes the guesswork out of determining how to get this ball close. If you can dial your half-wedges high or low depending on the situation, you'll have an excellent chance of getting up and down from anywhere.
Pitch it High or Low
... when you have to carry a bunker or don't have much green to work with.
• High shots eliminate any trouble between you and your target.
• On your backswing, cup your left wrist (bend it back), which will open the clubface and add loft to the shot.
• You'll know you're doing it right if you look down and can see the logo on the back of your glove.
...when the front of the green is open or you have a lot of green to work with.
• Hitting it low and letting the ball run means you don't have to hit the ball a perfect distance in the air.
• Bend your left wrist forward on your takeaway. This bowing action closes the clubface and takes loft off the club.
• If you look down at your hands and can't see the logo on your glove, you're doing this right.