Swing Your Bag
Don’t just lug your bag—use it to keep your swing in shape

You have trouble swinging in balance.

If you walk most rounds, use the bag you sling over your shoulders to instantly fix your balance problems. With both straps around your shoulders, set up in your normal address position with an iron and make a half-speed swing without a ball. If you sway to the left at the top or hang back on your right side in your follow-through, the bag will immediately let you know: the bottom of the bag will sag toward the ground if you do the former, and the top end will do the same if you’re guilty of the latter (probably dumping your clubs in the process). Continue to swing until the bag remains in place against the small of your back. If you don’t walk, make a few swings before placing your bag onto your cart to make sure your tendency to sway instead of turn doesn’t destroy your round.
Swing Your Bag To Stop Your Sway