The Undercut
Peter Krause Golf Professional
Hitting a lofted pitch shot - say; over a bunker - can be a scary proposition. Faced with such a shot, most golfers try to chop the ball out of the grass with a steep swing, which tends to close the clubhface and actually reduces loft. Instead, make a shallower swing that slides the clubface under the ball and shoots it into the air.

The key to my high-pitch system is lowering the grip end of the club at address. To accomplish this, take a very wide stance (as you would for a driver) and lower the handle serveral inches, squatting more at the knees to help you reach the ball. Then, open your stance and the clubface and tilt the shaft slightly away from the target to increase loft.

From there, it's one simple swing thought. Imagine you're shaking dice in your right hand as you swing back and through. Keep this hand under the shaft through the shot. This will prevent your right forarm from releasing over your left and keep the clubface open. It also encourages a shallow, undercutting motion through the grass. The ball will come out high and land softly.